Cadbury Roses evolution

Cadbury Roses continue to modernise with a number of new and reinvented flavours, as well as new packaging to lock in the freshness.

Cadbury Roses launched in Australia 70 years ago, and over the seven decades since, the brand has continuously evolved to reflect the changing tastes of consumers. Cadbury Roses is excited to share its next phase, introducing a number of new and reinvented flavours, as well as new packaging.

“This new evolution of Cadbury Roses reflects the changing taste preferences of consumers and addresses customer’s valid feedback. Our intention is to continue delivering the best experience for lovers of Cadbury Roses, whilst remaining true to the brand,” says Jessica Finger, Senior Brand Manager.

The classic flavours have been reinvented to appeal to today’s consumers by adding more indulgent layers and textures. An example of this is the classic Peppermint Crème, which has now evolved into Peppermint Crème Crunch, adding the texture our consumers are telling us they want to a classic flavour. Other reinvented flavours include; Hazelnut Crème Crisp, Turkish Delight, Hazelnut Swirl, Caramel Deluxe, Classic Caramel, Dark Mocha Nougat and Classic Milk.

Brand new additions to the range include: White Raspberry, the first ever white chocolate variety in the Cadbury Roses range, boasting creamy Cadbury white chocolate blended with delicate freeze-dried raspberries, and; Vanilla Nougat, a fluffy textured nougat with crispy pieces dipped in Cadbury milk chocolate.

Each of the delectable Cadbury Roses chocolate fillings has been paired with the Cadbury chocolate that complements and enhances the flavours and textures on the inside. Additionally, the shape of each Cadbury Roses piece has been modernised with a more rounded and smooth shape.

As well as contemporising what’s inside the packaging, the Cadbury Roses wrappers have also had an exciting update. In response to consumer feedback, Cadbury Roses has introduced sealed ‘flow wrap’ to lock in freshness and flavour. Now, each Cadbury Roses piece will be sealed fresh to prevent accidental unwrapping and minimise flavour transfer between pieces.

The exciting brand update will be supported by a new Above-The-Line campaign, ‘A Fresh Way to say Thank You’, featuring creative that has been designed to showcase the refreshed assortment, that is set to launch from 26th August including large format and digital OOH advertising. The campaign will run till Christmas to further cement Cadbury Roses as one of Australia’s most loved and iconic ways to say thank you.

4 thoughts on “Cadbury Roses evolution”

  1. I have not embraced the new look and taste Cadbury Roses Chocolates. The taste is different and the packaging is cheap and underwhelming. I purchase Cadbury Roses each Christmas and give to loved ones as gifts. 2018 will be my final year of purchasing Cadbury. The reshaping of the chocolates to a smaller square/rectangle or oval shape has resulted in no definition or individuality. The taste and shape of each Cadbury Roses chocolate was unique to its shape and wrapping. Now it’s all one shape and size suits all – unfortunately it doesn’t! Your Marketing Department should have done it’s research before changing this special Cadbury product. As the saying goes “If it ain’t broke, don’t change it”. You have taken a superior product that competed with your competitors, Lintd, SEES, Belgian Chocolates and other European Brands and have turned the product to an inferior, cheap and underwhelming tasting chocolate that is not much better than the no name brand of chocolate. You have also changed the taste of each of the Cadbury Roses chocolate, they no longer taste like the old recipe, rather sweeter with no distinct taste! I am very disappointed and disillusioned with this change and recommend you bring back the “old style Cadbury Roses Chocolates” where each chocolate looked and tasted unique and leave the shape as it was. Thank you for your time.

  2. You should rather call this iteration of roses chocolates as a devolution. They’re awful and a total disappointment.
    I’ve been enjoying roses chocolates for about 50 years and what you’ve done is totally ruined a line of boxed chocolates that was uniquely different from all the others. No one else had strawberry creams, fudges and lovely caramels in their nice flavours and shapes. The wrappers are frustrating. The white chocolate is vile! All in all I hate these chocolates.
    I’ve been buying them as the best treat for years but never again. It’s very disappointing that you decided to update to more apparently “contemporary” tastes.
    Good luck with that

  3. More than half a century of product superiority thrown away in the pursuit of profit. Underestimate your customer base? Don’t try to convince us “Old hands” that it is in our interests and all is an improvement. New buyers will probably buy the new roses but not when any of the competition is the same price or less, which it usually is. After all we bought Roses because they were BETTER and we liked them, and knew that nobody would mind getting them as a gift. Now YUKK dont insult us and we wont insult our loved ones back to the drawing board – Quick!!

  4. Christine Anderson

    Cadbury roses chocolates no longer have that classy specialness to them. The new wraps are PLAIN NASTY, very tacky,nothing special about them at all. The reaction when you open them is not “oooohhh, Mmmmm or “wow” as it use to be, it does not touch your heart to receive these as it always use to, the curiosity of wondering how each one tastes has gone, it was always an enjoyable experience to unwrap the beautifully wrapped treasure and bite into a little piece of heaven, now they are just plain boring, wouldn’t thank you for them. Not suitable for gifts, Christmas or any special occasion. They were always a go to for special occasions now they are just very ordinary and cheap. I no longer purchase them. Very Disappointing.

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