Cadbury trial paper packaging


Your block of Cadbury just got better, thanks to their new sustainable packaging.

The world-first design, developed in Cadbury’s Claremont factory in Hobart, is made from 100% sustainably sourced paper, is recyclable and is free from laminates, foil or plastics and features fully sealed flow-wrap packaging.

A small run of the blocks has been trialled in New Zealand on Cadbury’s Energy blocks, with parent company Mondelez International stating they will take on fan feedback on the design, especially in regards to durability, before extending the trail to other products.

It’s part of Mondelez’s commitment to 100% recyclable packaging by 2025 and Cadbury’s director of marketing Paul Chatfield said they were excited to have developed the design here in Australia.

“Given this is a world-first for us and the material is at the leading edge of packaging innovation, we’re committed to finding innovative solutions to the sustainability challenges facing the planet and this trial is a great example of this effort,” Mr Chatfield said.

“Our Claremont team has worked incredibly hard over the last few months to deliver this project. They’ve been working with the very latest paper packaging technology which has presented a range of challenges, but they’ve again demonstrated their professionalism and commitment.”

“With waste being just one part of the life-cycle of a product, we need to ensure the total environmental impact of a packaging material is considered. There’s no point adopting an alternative packaging material that minimises waste, but has a larger carbon footprint.”

Mondelez are also working to reduce the amount of plastic used and developing plastic recycling technologies. Already more than 90% of their packaging materials in Australia can be recycled through the RedCycle soft plastic program or kerbside recycling.

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