Cadbury’s marvellous new flavours

A creamy and fizzy re-invention of the Australian ice-cream spider.

Cadbury has announced a new addition to its Marvellous Creations range with the Marvellous Creations Spider.

The Spider is a combination of dairy milk chocolate and a fizzy ice-cream spider inspired centre.

The chocolate block is a twist on the traditional Australian ice-cream spider drink that has been re-imagined to deliver a sweet creaminess like that of ice-cream along with the spark and fizz of soft drink.

The three new flavours in the range include the following:

  • Spider Choc Raspberry
  • Spider Choc Orange
  • Spider Choc Lemonade

Cadbury has also announced it will be reducing the size of the existing Marvellous Creations block in response to feedback suggesting that the current block size was too much for a single occasion.

The block has now been brought into line with the rest of the Cadbury chocolate blocks range sizing.

For information and to stock Cadbury Marvellous Creations in NSW and ACT contact Mondelez Foodservice on (02) 8887 9500.

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