Caltex one step closer to Ampol rebrand

Caltex has revealed the newly redesigned Ampol logo as it gears up for a major rebrand back to the name.

Unveiling the modernised logo on Wednesday, Caltex said it “nods to our proud 80 year history, but is a modern reflection of our organisation, as it exists today”, adding it symbolised ‘forward momentum’ and reflected their growth, evolution and drive.

The sleek, pared back red and blue logo will begin to be rolled out in the coming months, 25 years after Caltex merged with the brand and retired the name. Sites in Melbourne and Sydney will begin to feature the Ampol signage in the second half of this year, before a national roll out begins next year.

The petrol company announced in December last year it would return to the Ampol name, after US oil company Chevron terminated their licensing agreement with Caltex.

Caltex, who retained the rights to the Ampol name following their merge in 1995, will rebrand in a phased rollout set to take place over three years.

Caltex Interim CEO Matthew Halliday said the transition to Ampol reflected their position as an independent and growing company.

“Trusted and high-quality products, a commitment to customer service, market leading networks and infrastructure and playing a positive role in local communities remain at the heart of our business, as they were when Ampol was established over 80 years ago,” Mr Halliday said.

“At the same time, the new Ampol logo reflects our growth and evolution into new markets and geographies and our ongoing drive to be world-class in everything we do. Our fresh new symbol will connect Ampol with a new generation of customers and underpins our commitment to again make it Australia’s most loved and admired fuel brand.”

Caltex has been playing to the nostalgia of the Ampol brand in updates on their transition, which feature old photos and footage or Ampol, and ask people to share their own memories of the brand.

The company will seek final approval for the name change at their Annual General Meeting.

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