Campaign to remove GST threshold early

On 16 October, the Swan Chamber of Commerce, in Midland Western Australia announced it will launch a campaign called ‘WE CANT WAIT’ calling on the Federal Government to scrap the $1000 GST threshold immediately. State and Territory treasurers agreed to scrap the threshold by 1 July 2017, but the Swan Chamber of Commerce says that this is not soon enough.

The Chamber will call on all Business Associations across Australia and more than 2,000,000 business owners in the country to join them in their campaign to urge the Federal Government to Scrap the Threshold on overseas imports as a matter of urgency.

The Australian Retailers Association, the Cycling Industry, Small Business Association and many other business associations have already pledged their support. Business Associations Australia wide will campaign their local politicians to have the threshold reversed immediately, to help local businesses thrive, employ more Australians and be on a level playing field with overseas businesses.

“The country cannot afford to lose any more small businesses, the leading employers for Australian jobs”, said President of the Swan Chamber of Commerce Gerry Hanssen. “We simply can’t wait until July 1st 2017 for the change, it has to happen immediately.”


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