CEO Phil Sims discusses Menz Confectionery’s rebrand

South Australian confectionery brand Robern Menz has announced it is rebranding to Menz Confectionery.

Over the coming two years, Menz Confectionery, which has over 100 products, will rebrand with a new logo, tagline, “Making Life Sweet”, and shortened name to ‘Menz’ across all packaging.

Phil Sims, Menz Confectionery CEO, said the new name reflects the recent growth of the business, which includes the addition of the Violet Crumble and Pollywaffle brand, increased production, and growth in international markets.

“As a brand with a rich history in Australia, Menz have been around for 150 years, are the custodians of over 100 products, and to ensure they’re still thriving in another 150 years, we wanted a brand that reflected our core values and business mission today.

“Our ultimate mission is to make life sweet for Australians and beyond, and this brand shake up is going to drive that goal into the future.”

Menz Confectionery’s new logo.

On expanding their presence overseas, Sims said sales in the US and Canada have been strong with the Violet Crumble distributions, and that Menz will continue to explore opportunities within these markets for its brands, as well as other international markets.

“Throughout COVID, Violet Crumble saw significant growth in the US market, with sales far exceeding initial expectations – almost triple for the Violet Crumble original 50g bar alone.

“RM USA Inc. now currently manages its own stock in two warehouses in the USA – Los Angeles and New Jersey, and due to demand and capacity capabilities, RM USA Inc has hired a National Sales Manager based in the USA to further drive and manage growth in the US/Canadian markets.”

Over the past year, Violet Crumble has also successfully launched in the Phillipines, Singapore, Canada, and through the Pacific Islands.

Looking into 2022, Sims believes there is a trend of consumers eager to try new things that have a nod to nostalgia.

“We’ve certainly seen an increase in cross category collaborations, with Aussies loving and eager to get their hands on fun, new takes on nostalgic, cult classics. Luckily for us, we are the home of some of Australia’s most iconic and nostalgic brands, and we’ll continue to innovate and evolve in this space.”

The new Menz brand identity, developed by Adelaide based agency Showpony, took a years’ worth of research into identifying the businesses core values, purpose, and narrative.

“We know that a great brand appeals to both the head and the heart, and here at Menz Confectionery, we are about evoking memories, bringing people together and making life sweet.”

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