Chevron expands partnership with conservation group

Chevron has renewed and expanded its 17-year partnership with Conservation Volunteers Australia (CVA) with a new three-year agreement.

As part of the partnership, Chevron Australia is joining with Chevron’s fuel brand, Caltex, to contribute $4.2 million over the next three years.

Kathryn Sydney-Smith, General Manager of Corporate Affairs at Chevron Australia, said the long partnership had resulted in significant progress in the restoration of wetlands and other environmental sites across Australia. 

“With almost 20,000 volunteers helping to plant more than 455,000 plants and trees, manage invasive weeds across 218 hectares of land and collect more than 14 tonnes of litter, together we’ve improved the health of Australia’s wetlands and biodiversity. 

“With our colleagues at Caltex joining our long-term partnership, we’re excited for the next chapter that will build on the efforts and successes we’ve already achieved.” 

Chevron Australia is the national partner for the ‘Revive our Wetlands’ initiative and the ‘Urban Shade Project’ supporting conservation and community engagement activities at 10 wetland and three urban shade forest locations.

Phil Harrison, CEO of CVA, said growing global research is demonstrating the importance of wetlands to planetary health, biodiversity, and the economy.

“Australia’s wetlands play a vital role in protecting coasts from storms and flooding, maintaining water quality, filtering pollutants, sequestering carbon, and supporting biodiversity. Unfortunately, though, we’ve already lost more than 70 per cent of these incredibly important ecosystems.”

The renewed partnership includes an expansion of the Urban Shade Forest initiative, complementing the recently planted forest in Dandenong, Victoria, and the soon to be planted forest in Rockingham, Western Australia.

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