Chicken Crimpy voted the number one Shapes flavour!

Chicken Crimpy is officially Australia’s favourite Arnott’s Shapes flavour, winning the title for a second year running.

After being beaten at the post by BBQ in 2019, Chicken Crimpy has held on to its crown and taken out the top gong with 22 per cent of the vote in important new research by Arnott’s.

Pizza was a close second with 20.15 per cent and Chicken Crimpy’s long-time rival BBQ scored a third-place finish with 20.06 per cent of the vote.

“This is the first time Pizza has marginally beaten BBQ in the flavour battle, with BBQ initially leading the votes as the number one flavour back in 2019. If you’re a loyal BBQ Shapes lover now is the time to come out to show your support!” said an Arnott’s spokesperson.

Millennials and Gen Z were both in favour of Pizza, giving the flavour 29 and 25 per cent of their respective votes, while 21 per cent of Australians aged 65+ opted for Cheese and Bacon, making that their most loved flavour.

The least enjoyed flavour was Nacho Cheese, pulling in just nine per cent of the vote.

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