CHOICE calls for clearer sugar labelling

Different kinds of sugar such as coconut sugar, pure cane sugar, icing sugar, agave syrup, dark brown soft sugar, golden caster sugar, demerara cubes.

Australian consumer advocacy group CHOICE has launched a campaign to tell State and Territory Food Ministers to improve sugar labelling.

The campaign states that there are currently “over 43 different names used for added sugar in the ingredient list”.

Due to this fact, CHOICE said: “It is complicated or impenetrable to try and distinguish sugars occurring naturally in foods from those with little or no nutritional benefits that can damage our health”.

CHOICE notes that the problem with current food labels is that there’s no clear way of knowing how much sugar has been added, as the labels aren’t clear enough.

“People need clear and accurate information to make informed choices about their food,” the campaign said.

“As it stands now, Australian food labelling requirements don’t help people to follow the advice on added sugars set by leading national and international health institutions.

“CHOICE is calling on Food and Health Ministers to take action on added sugar and label it clearly on food products.

“They have been reviewing the world health organisation’s recommendations and are close to forming an approach which you can help influence.”

To learn more about the CHOICE campaign, or to add to your name to the list people requesting the labels be changed, visit CHOICE campaigns.

3 thoughts on “CHOICE calls for clearer sugar labelling”

  1. As a 50 year old who has recently been diagnosed with diabetes, sugars/carbs content on food items is extremely important. The Nutritional panel found on most supermarket food lines unfortunately is written in a font size that makes it almost impossible to be able to read. I have prescription glasses for reading, but they are of little assistance once the font size is to small. Perhaps Choice could lobby to have all nutritional information written is size 8 font or larger.
    kind regards,

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