Coca-Cola brings its Christmas truck to Australia

The Cola-Cola truck in London. Source:

A Santa emblazoned Coca-Cola truck will tour Australia for the first time.

While the truck has toured the UK for the last seven years, the truck will now travel across three regional Australian communities.

Coke has partnered with The Salvation Army and will deliver 580 people including people from Coke, The Salvation Army, celebrity guests and volunteers to the three areas.

The truck’s first stop will be in Tamworth followed by two surprise stops in far north and far west Queensland.

The tour will provide support for The Salvation Army including community events and delivering food and community facilities.

The truck, originally launched in the late 90’s, is a 20-metre long truck covered in flashing lights and filled with hampers. It also plays Christmas carols.

The Coke truck is expected to arrive back in Sydney in times for Carols in the Domain on December 17.

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