Coca-Cola calls on public for sugar alternative

Coca-Cola has requested the public contribute ideas for their next sweetener.

Coca-Cola has put out a call to the public in its pursuit to find the next sugar alternative.

Using the crowdsourcing platform HeroX which describes itself as: “A Community of Problem Solvers Enabling Breakthroughs”, the company has launched two sweetener challengers.

Coca-Cola SVP and chief innovation officer Robert Long said the HeroX campaign is supporting the company’s initiative to constantly innovate and refresh its range of drinks.

“We’re always searching for newer, better ingredients, and we know that amazing ideas can come from anywhere,” he said.

“These two challenges are very much rooted in our desire to make the drinks our consumers want to drink, and in our willingness to look beyond the walls of our company for breakthrough sugar alternatives that help us deliver the great taste people love but with less sugar and fewer calories.”

The first challenge is titled the Sweet Story Challenge and invites people across the world to submit both written and video stories about their methods of naturally sweetening foods or beverages within their culture. There is a prize of up to $100,000 with the winner/s being announced in December.

The second challenge calls for scientists and researchers to find a natural, low-calorie sweetener that is safe for human consumption and emulates the taste of sugar. One grand prize winner will be announced in October 2018, and take home the $1 million reward.

Coca-Cola CEO James Quincey said the company will focus on driving revenue by building more low-sugar and no-sugar beverages.

“As we expand our portfolio, we are embracing a ‘test-and-learn’ mentality…” he said.

“We’re seeing what consumers want and making adjustments immediately. Because at the end of the day, speed and agility are critical in this rapidly changing consumer landscape.”

To find out more about both of the challenges, follow this link to the HeroX site.

8 thoughts on “Coca-Cola calls on public for sugar alternative”

  1. I hate forms, I don’t have the patience for that. I think I have what coca cola looks for, if it’s interesting, I’ll be here. I will not keep filling out forms.

  2. Tamaras? Impossible, characteristic flavors. Only if you change it genetically, but it would be expensive.

  3. Marcio Nascimento

    To solve the problem of sugar, there are no products of the brand Coca Cola substituting the sugar for honey produced with the pollen of the flower of orange tree or the cane juice consented without the alcohol and without the residues or the sweet extracted of the fruit that has large Consent of sugar. They are healthy natural products that our grandparents used to combine to be the solution to the problem of processed sugar.

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