Coca-Cola commits to recycling plan

Coca-Cola has committed to a new recycling plan.

The Coca-Cola company has committed to a global goal to recycle the equivalent of 100 % of its packaging by the year 2030.

The company’s new packaging plan includes the goal of making its packaging 100% recyclable.

The Coca-Cola Company CEO James Quincey said: “The world has a packaging problem – and, like all companies, we have a responsibility to help solve it”.

“Through our World without Waste vision, we are investing in our planet and our packaging to help make this problem a thing of the past,” he said.

“Bottles and cans shouldn’t harm our planet, and a litter-free world is possible,” Mr Quincey said.

“Companies like ours must be leaders. Consumers around the world care about our planet, and they want and expect companies to take action. That’s exactly what we’re going to do, and we invite others to join us on this critical journey.”

The company will also work with key customers to encourage consumers to recycle more.

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