Coca-Cola cuts out plastic straws

Closeup of Colorful drinking straws background.

Coca-Cola has made a decision to replace its plastic straws with paper in Australian outlets, a move which has encouraged by environmental groups.

In a media release from the company, it announced it would no longer distribute plastic drinking straws or stirrers. Instead, it will stock fully recyclable and biodegradable FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) accredited paper straws.

Group Managing Director Alison Watkins said the decision was another step forward in the company’s efforts to reduce single-use plastics.

“We’re serious about playing our part in reducing unnecessary plastic packaging,” Ms Watkins said.

“We’ve heard the community message loud and clear – that unnecessary packaging is unacceptable and we all need to work together to reduce the amount entering litter streams, the environment and the oceans.”

The paper straws will be sourced from BioPak and Austraw. They will be available through Amatil’s ordering platform to around 115,000 outlets across the country including to grocery, petrol and convenience stores.

“The Coca-Cola Company is also developing sustainable packaging goals to increase the recycled content in plastic bottles, and supports recycling programs in Australia,” the media release said.

The sustainable straws will be available in February.


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