Coca-Cola Foundation partners with Red Cross

The Coca-Cola Foundation has teamed up with the Australian Red Cross to support those experiencing hardship through the COVID-19 crisis.

As the economic and social impacts of the global pandemic continue to affect many Australians, the foundation has donated $250,000 to help the Red Cross deliver emotional care and support through their COVID-19 Care Collective.

The program works with socially isolated older Australians, those experiencing homelessness or housing insecurity, migrants and refugees by delivering essential services and through their telephone outreach service, which currently supports 20,000 Australians impacted by the virus. The collective also offers psychological first aid training to staff, volunteers and corporate partners.

Australian Red Cross CEO Judy Slayter said supporting people during the crisis was crucial to aiding recovery post-COVID.

“Keeping our social health and wellbeing strong while we live with COVID-19 is so important.  When COVID-19 has passed, let’s be in a position where we can look back and celebrate Australia doing its best to build new and creative social resilience at all scales, where we fostered positive behaviours and confidence across the community. Partnerships like these are supporting us to do that,” Ms Slayter said. 

The Coca-Cola Foundation has globally pledged more than $100 million to support COVID-19 recovery efforts, including more than $14 million to international projects through the Red Cross.

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