Coca-Cola launches new ‘adult’ beverage

The new beverages. Source:

Following hot on the heels of the release of orange and vanilla coke flavours, the company is putting a new twist on soft drink and coffee.

Coca-Cola is releasing a special blend designed for use in selected bars, hotels and restaurants across the country.

The product is available in two variants, they key ingredient of coffee is mixed with chocolate in one variant and caramel in the other, infused with the taste of Coke.

Coca-Cola Australia marketing director Lucie Austin said the new beverage was for “social settings”.

“Coca-Cola Batch Blends have been crafted for the curious mind and those after drinks with more adventurous flavours,” she said in a statement.

“This premium range gives Australians the chance to explore sophisticated tastes in social settings when out and about enjoying a drink or a meal with friends.”



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