Coca-Cola’s new nutritional tool offers consumers enhanced product information

Diet Coke AA new and improved web-based tool, launched this week by Coca-Cola South Pacific, allows consumers to compare the nutritional profile of its full range of beverages.

The easy to use online tool gives consumers the ability to instantly compare ingredients and nutritional information for any two products in the Coca-Cola range, according to serve size.

“The online comparison tool gives consumers all the relevant information about their preferred beverages at their fingertips, allowing them to make an informed choice every time they choose one of our products,” said Coca-Cola South Pacific Scientific and Regulatory Affairs Manager Jim Moshovelis.

Screen grab
Above: Coca-Cola Life compared to a Goulburn Valley Apple Blackcurrant juice. Note that the results are shown per 100 ml.
Screen grab 2
Above: Clink on the ingredients tab to display the ingredients in each your selected products.

The tool takes into account general nutrient content, % daily intake information, % recommended dietary intake information, ingredient lists and allergen statements as well as serving size – allowing users to compare products from 100mls to 600mls.

The tool features all of Coca-Cola’s 86 products in Australia, including their entire range of soft drinks (Coca-Cola varieties, Fanta, Lift and Sprite) through to Powerade, Goulburn Valley juices, Nestea, Pump flavoured water, glacéau vitaminwater, the Barista Bros. flavoured milk range and Cascade crafted beverages.

“At Coca-Cola we have a very diverse range of beverages under our portfolio and the new tool is a great way for everyone to explore all these options,” said Coca-Cola South Pacific Scientific and Regulatory Affairs Manager Jim Moshovelis.

Test the new online tool here:

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