Coca-Cola to replace Coke Zero with No Sugar

The campaign will promote the product with the slogan “Say YES to the Taste You Love”.

Coca-Cola will be phasing out Coke Zero and replacing it with their newest innovation, Coca-Cola No Sugar.

The beverage, which will be available mid-June, is being hyped as the best tasting sugar-free Coke ever.

Coca-Cola head of marketing Lisa Winn said it’s the closest Coca-Cola has ever come to the classic taste of Coca-Cola but with no sugar.

“We wanted the taste of Coca-Cola to be as close as possible to the real thing,” she said.

After more than five years of research, the new Coca-Cola will be a permanent product on shelves.

Coca-Cola president Roberto Mercadé said Diet Coke was the first step towards finding a recipe that tastes closer to Coke.

“People are looking for a better balance in their diet and lifestyle, which is why we are changing the way we do things here at Coca-Cola,” he said.

“Coca-Cola No Sugar will be a great new choice for those who love the taste of Coke but are watching their sugar intake.”

Ms Winn said Australia is one of the first international markets to launch the new Coke.

The announcement comes at the same time as the world’s largest producer of stevia ingredients announced a new stevia leaf extract- StarLeaf.

StarLeaf stevia contains over 20 times more sugar-like content when compared to standard stevia leaf varieties.

The extract is set to provide food and beverage manufacturers with a plant-based, zero-calorie sweetener to a sweeter taste without a bitter aftertaste.

StarLeaf stevia VP of agricultural operations James Foxton said the leaf was a result of a significant investment in agronomic research.

“We are delighted to plant for the commercial production of StarLeaf stevia extract,” he said.

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  1. I am concerned Aldi may not be stocking 330ml Diet coke. I am finding it hard to locate.We usually get it Menai but the store is still being renovated and no date as to when it is opening.We live in Oatley NSW

  2. Can you let me know when the Menai store is reopening and we are having trouble buying

    Diet Coke cans in 330ml anywhere.We live in Oatley.NSW

    Thanking you

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