Coca-Cola’s frozen cups and lids to be made with recycled plastic

Coca-Cola has committed to having its frozen drink cups and lids made entirely from recycled plastic from early 2021.

This innovation is a part of Coca-Cola’s push to remove polystyrene from its cold drink portfolio. Already all of its bottles under one litre are using 100 per cent recycled plastic, and it means that by the end of 2021 it will have reduced its use of virgin plastic by more then 40,000 tonnes since 2017.

Coca-Cola has a global goal to use at least 50 per cent recycled material across its packaging by 2030, with Australia already achieving this goal in plastic bottles.

Under its World Without Waste vision, Coca-Cola has a global goal to collect and recycle a bottle or can for every one it sells by 2030 and ensuring none of its containers end up in landfill or oceans. Its bottler Coca-Cola Amatil plays a key role in co-ordinating all six operating container deposit schemes (CDS) around Australia.

Russell Mahoney, Public Affairs, Communications and Sustainability Director, Coca-Cola South Pacific said: “We have a responsibility to reduce our environmental footprint through innovation to help solve the plastic waste issue. Moving our frozen drinks lids and cups to recycled plastic is the next step towards meeting Coca-Cola’s global commitment to reduce plastic waste.”

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