Coco Earth welcomes new health and wellness bio-active shots

From the industry leaders who brought you organic MCT oil, Coco Earth launches its premium range of health and wellness bio-active shots.

On-the-go convenience, designed to tackle your wellness and functional needs, the new range includes: Immunity, Energy, Gut, Focus, Hydrate and Marine Collagen + Hair Skin & Nails.

Designed to restore balance, give back your oomph and sparkle, these small yet incredibly powerful shots address everyday concerns using concentrated high quality natural ingredients for optimal results.

It all started with a love for natural and organic foods. Our founder had a passion for health and wellness and saw a gap in the market for high-quality, plant-based products that were both healthy and delicious. And so, Coco Earth was born.

Established in 2008, Coco Earth’s product range now expands across well-known categories such as MCT Oil, ready-made meals, plant protein powders to Marine Collagen + Super Greens supplements.

Proudly Australian owned and operated, Coco Earth’s wellness range is made to the highest Australian standards, using high quality premium ingredients which are sustainably sourced.

Gut goodness on-the-go!

Coco Earth launches its powerful new Gut elixir shot. A simple and convenient way to add GUT health to your daily routine. New innovative formula contains Symbiotic pre, pro and post biotics, lemon and ginger – all designed to fight bloating and enhance gut vitality. Enjoy 1 billion good bacteria in each serve. Bursting with goodness, our delicious natural green apple flavour makes taking supplements a blast!

Non-stop hydration

All beauty starts with hydration. Coco Earth launches its new Bio Active Hydrate shot. A powerful hydrating elixir of electrolytes, coconut, magnesium and potassium; designed to vitalise and boost performance. Our natural blood orange flavour provides a tasty and convenient way to help increase your daily fluid intake.

Perfect for post-workouts, energy slumps or to boost immunity fast!

High performance, sugar free energy!

Coco Earth launches its powerful Bio-Active Energy shots. Fight fatigue with a potent mix of Guarana, natural caffeine and B Vitamins.  All in one boosting formula helps increase mental alertness and performance on-the-go.

Your beauty secret weapon!

Coco Earth launches game changing beauty supplement shot.

A convenient on-the go shot that contains marine collagen to support healthy hair, skin and nails. Marine Collagen Peptides increase skin hydration and elasticity, reducing skin wrinkling and signs of aging and improving overall skin vitality. Coco Earth’s Bio-Active shots are all available in a convenient 60mL easy to carry format which can be used on-the-go when you need it most.

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  1. Nothing tells me when I should be taking these. How long before food? Is it taken in the morning? Is it taken of a night?

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