Coles and Heart Foundation partner on new online health hub

Coles has launched a new online portal focusing on health and wellbeing.

Health Hub, created in conjunction with the Heart Foundation, is an online hub for customers to access tips and information on nutrition, exercise, mental health management and social and community support.

It will also feature recipes developed by both Coles and the Heart Foundation, as well as articles simplifying nutritional advice on things such as the differences between good and bad fats to ways to ways to start and build up an exercise routine and tips to cook healthier meals.

Its launch follows a YouGov Galaxy Poll released last week which found that while 89% of Australians want to lead healthier lives, a quarter of us never exercise. It also follows the recent rebrand of Coles’ online presence with its new Coles&Co platform, edited by Lisa Hudson.

Coles General Manager of Media and Sponsorship Kate Bailey said it aims to remove the barriers many face in bettering their health and offers  holistic approach to leading more positive lifestyles.

“Caring for our health and happiness has never been more important than it is today.  We know from our own research that knowledge, motivation, temptation, time, as well as cost are some of the key barriers our customers face when improving their health and happiness,” Ms Bailey said.

“We have partnered with the Heart Foundation for this important initiative because of its long-term commitment to the health of Australians, and its expertise around advice and information on nutrition and exercise as the basis for a healthy lifestyle.”

Heart Foundation Group CEO, Adjunct Professor John Kelly, said the partnership would allow the foundation to reach more Australians through the retailer’s far reaching profile.

“Australians are looking for engaging, yet simple ways to improve their health as part of their everyday lives,” Professor Kelly said. “Through heart-healthy recipe ideas, exercise tips and information, we can help more Australians reduce their risks for heart disease and live well longer,” he said.

“Coles is in a unique position to use its scale and everyday customer interactions to drive change, backed by the strength of the Heart Foundation’s knowledge and experience as Australia’s leading experts on nutrition, physical activity and heart health.”

The new hub can be accessed through Coles’ website.

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