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Coles Express doubles down on fight against Motor Neurone Disease

Coles is ramping up its fight against Motor Neurone Disease by doubling the number of locations where it will run its annual FightMND Big Freeze campaign.

Big Freeze 7 beanies will be available in more than 1,500 Coles locations and Coles Online for $20, including at more than 800 supermarkets and, for the first time, more than 700 Coles Express fuel stations.

For the fourth year in a row, Coles will also donate 10 cents from the sale of each pack of Coles Brand Australian pork product at every supermarket to raise further funds.

Coles will be doubling the donations on Coles Brand Australian free range pork products for two weeks between 2 June and 15 June.

In addition to the funds raised from beanies and Coles Brand Australian pork, Coles continues to partner with Aussie pork farmers who will once again donate to FightMND during the appeal, which runs until 22 June.

Last year’s Big Freeze 6 campaign was Coles’ single biggest fundraising event ever, with more than $5.2 million being raised in the supermarket aisle, helping FightMND reach a record total funds raised for the campaign of $11.9 million.

Coles Group Chief Executive of Commercial and Express Greg Davis said: “Coles is proud to join the FightMND army once again and we are thrilled that the Big Freeze is back in a big way this year after being impacted last year by COVID-19. 

“It’s always so inspiring to see the Big Freeze beanies being worn with such pride across the country and we are delighted to be almost doubling the number of locations we are selling them in this year with our Coles Express team joining the fight against Motor Neurone Disease.

“We’ll be encouraging our customers to buy Coles Brand Australian pork during the campaign because, for every pack purchased, we will donate 10 cents to FightMND to support research into finding effective treatments and a cure for this insidious disease.”

An average of two Australians are diagnosed with MND every day while another two succumb to the disease.

Bec Daniher, FightMND’s Campaign Director and daughter of AFL legend Neale Daniher, said the funds would be important to support research into finding effective treatments and a cure for MND.

“The whole FightMND team thanks Coles for their nationwide support of our campaign, from all their store team members to customers and management. Coles has already contributed record sums to our fundraising and we appreciate their ongoing support.

“This year we are asking everyone to be buy a beanie again and become part of Neale’s ‘Play on’ message. We know the ‘beast’ is landing a few blows and while Neale is punching back, we need the Australian community to continue to join our FightMND Army.”

Milne Agri-group General Manager David Plant said Aussie pork farmers are proud to support the Big Freeze 7 campaign.

“We are really motivated as a farming community to get behind the fight against MND. Coles Aussie Pork farmers are proudly part of the FightMND army, and we are into year four of our partnership to help raise money to find a cure. Our thoughts are with all the families fighting MND, we’re fighting alongside you,” Plant said.

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