Coles Mobile dials up value

Coles Mobile has released new prepaid plans offering customers value and convenience.

Powered by Optus, the new prepaid mobile plans offer more data and unlimited local and international calls (to 15 of the most popular international locations).

The prepaid plans, range from 30 to 365 days, with increased data inclusions and the ability to roll over unused data to following months.

And customers can easily manage their account with the all-new Coles Mobile app, where they can track usage and credit expiry, top up data, manage payments and easily change plans.

Coles General Manager Non-Food, Jonathan Torr, said the new Coles Mobile plans offer customers value and convenience.

“We know how important value is to our customers, and the new Coles Mobile plans offer a great deal and the convenience of purchasing when picking up their groceries,” he said.

“Data and international calls have never been more important for mobile customers as they look to connect more often with friends and family they can’t visit here in Australia and overseas. These are market-leading plans provided by one of the most reliable networks in Optus.”

There are three options to the new Coles Mobile plan. All three options feature unlimited talk and text, and unlimited international calls to 15 selected destinations.

The $20 plan, includes 15GB data and 30 days expiry; the $120 plan, includes 60GB data and 365 days expiry; and the $150 plan, includes 120GB data and 365 expiry. All three plans also include up to 50GB data rollover.

To celebrate the launch, Coles is offering the $20 for just $10 and the $120 plan for $99 until 20 October.

Matt Williams, Managing Director of Marketing and Revenue at Optus says these new offers will deliver competitive deals for Australians.

“This partnership is all about two iconic brands coming together to deliver competitive prepaid options for Australians, powered by the Optus network. Coles is a brand trusted by Australians nationwide and we are proud to share similar values of delivering quality services and the best value to customers which is exactly what these prepaid plans will seek to deliver.”

3 thoughts on “Coles Mobile dials up value”

  1. This plan data increase doesn’t seem to apply to existing Coles $20 plans / customers ?
    Perhaps I need to switch away and back again?

  2. Note: Requirement to buy a new SIM from Coles to get the new plan with more data for same price.

    i.e. current customers not upgraded automatically to the new data allowance.

  3. Yeah yeah, wait until you have to deal with coles mobile customer service….
    It’s been 4 days and still not even connected….
    Palmed off with pre written scripts on the Web chat and don’t even bother using the call centre…youll get more satisfaction out of a car crash.

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