Berocca with a Boost

BERO0395_BeroccaBoost_Tile_600x400[2][1]Berocca Boost with Guarana is a convenient ready-to-drink format for consumers on-the-go.

Berocca Boost drink should ideally be ranged within the energy drinks fridge. In research conducted for Berocca, consumers said they would expect to find the new Berocca Boost drink next to the energy drinks, such as V, Monster and Red Bull.

Berocca Boost is designed to provide a quick boost whenever you need it. It is sugar-free with no artificial stimulants. Berocca Boost contains Guarana – a fast-acting energizer – and is packed with a unique combination of B vitamins and minerals to help increase mental sharpness and physical energy. Berocca Boost provides a similar energy boost to a cup of coffee, for a little kick when you need it!

*Always read the label. Use only as directed.

Go to for more information. Place your order today! Contact Ross Hansen, National Account Manager, Grocery, Consumer Care Bayer Australia Ltd, Phone 02 9391 6160 or Email:

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