Common supermarket insurance claims: Unfair dismissals

In this series, Matt Ritson, Co-founder of IndiHub, explores the top three supermarket insurance claims that grocery stores are most susceptible to.

Supermarket owners know that what they do comes with its fair share of risks, including consumer litigations, alleged employee discrimination, or harassment, to name a few. You can protect yourself by investing in management liability insurance, as this covers you and your team against these types of claims. 

Management liability insurance is a type of coverage that protects a business, its directors, officers, board members, managers, and administrators from legal action that allege mismanagement. It also protects you from risks that are not covered by a commercial general liability policy. 

We recently saw a claim example for unfair dismissal where a pregnant employee is dismissed for non-attendance. The manager who dismissed her says he was not aware of her pregnancy, although the company fails to reverse this decision when the employee produces confirmation from her doctor. The case was settled for a five-figure sum.

We see the most experienced supermarket owners and managers on the receiving end of legal action for unfair dismissal even when they have good intentions. That is why it is important that you have management liability insurance to cover this type of risk.

Insurance policies can be hard to understand and difficult to decipher. If you’re not sure about your coverage for this type of risk the team at IndiHub is here to help.

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