Consultancy firm offers support to FMCG sector

One consultancy firm promising to deliver quick results to businesses in need is Pollen.

The company, who have a particular focus on the FMCG sector, are offering a rapid response support service to navigate the impact on business from Covid-19 through immediate, short term support for those unsure of what their next move should be in the unfolding situation.

Promising to offer an answer or solution within 24 hours, the firm – who offer initial consultations free, have key areas of focus including: critical project deadlines, analytical horsepower, problem solving, engineering expertise, strategic thinking, no regret decision making and business diagnostics to identify risks and opportunities, to name a few.

One issue many businesses are reporting is difficulty in keeping on top of tasks, given the evolving restrictions aimed at reducing the spread of Covid-19.

Pollen company director Stephan Mang said they worked with many manufacturing and supply chain companies and had a lot to offer in this scope, including from establishing alternate supply chains for stressed categories across raw materials and packaging inputs, to helping with finding technology solutions.

“The manufacturing and supply chain services we have can make a real impact in our client’s businesses tomorrow, unlocking capacity, reducing conversion costs or where needed working through options to remove fixed costs and minimise the impact of a significant volume drop.,” he said.

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