Consumers looking for frictionless checkout experiences

New research shows one-third of ANZ consumers would be more likely to purchase from retailers that offered a contact-free checkout experience.

Global commerce company commercetools’ ANZ consumer shopping insights showed that while effortless checkout and seamless payment processes are top priorities for shoppers, they are still wary of AI.

Bruno Teuber, Chief Revenue Officer at commercetools, said there’s a growing appetite for effortless checkout and payment processes, easy-to-navigate digital channels, and real-time stock information.

“We’re seeing this globally with our retail customers as they’ve come to rely on the core benefits of composable commerce architectures – flexibility, scalability, and lowered risks and financial exposure.

“Consumers’ hesitancy with AI underscores the importance of striking a delicate balance between innovation and addressing consumer concerns through mutually beneficial technology instead of tech hype.”

The consumer demand for contactless experiences is evident with 40 per cent of consumers expecting that their shopping experience to be 100 per cent contactless in five years.

For online retailers, 70 per cent of ANZ shoppers are wanting more personalised experiences, but online retailers are failing to get the basics right with the top frustrations amongst consumers being inaccurate product photos and descriptions (36 per cent), sudden unavailability of preferred products (32 per cent) and the absence of real-time inventory information (24 per cent).

Florian Pasquier, Chief Technology Officer at online automotive platform, Carma, said the findings reaffirm the pivotal role of personalisation in capturing consumer loyalty and driving sustained business growth.

“We’re seeing that enterprise retailers that embrace composability are positioned to meet these demands, adapting to evolving consumer preferences across markets and integrating innovative features like personalised recommendations and AI-driven customer service.

“By offering tailored experiences that resonate with individual shoppers, retailers can foster deeper engagement, enhance loyalty, and thrive amidst economic fluctuations.”

Concerns amongst consumers about AI include AI persuading them to make unnecessary purchases (62 per cent) and AI replacing people in online customer service (73 per cent).

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