Consumers looking for personalised shopping experience

Globally, 29 per cent of shoppers are more likely to purchase from a retailer when they offer a personalised experience, but only 32 per cent of retailers have this ability.

The research by Salesforce, in partnership with the Australian Retail Association (ARA), analysed the tension between shopper expectations for unified engagement and the current state of retail.

Paul Zahra, CEO ARA, said the way consumers are engaging with businesses today is very different compared to a few years ago.

“We’ve seen a dynamic shift in consumer behaviours, and retailers need to be agile and innovative to keep up. Maintaining genuine and personalised connections with customers and keeping them at the epicentre of a retailer’s decision-making is key.”

The research also highlighted the importance of retailers having an omnichannel strategy, allowing customers to interact with their business the way they choose.

“People are browsing and purchasing the things they want with a few taps of their fingers and expect the best of in-store experiences to be delivered online.”

Over the pandemic, many shoppers turned to digital channels to purchase, but despite this trend the store will continue to play a critical role.

Of those surveyed, 57 per cent purchased a product online to pick-up in store, 29 per cent have researched a product using a mobile while in-store, and 25 per cent have scanned a QR code to learn more about a product.

Jo Gaines, Area Vice President Salesforce Digital 360, said make-up brand Mecca was a great example of utilising the in-store and digital experience.

“The pandemic led it to pivot digitally and move in-store experiences online. This included directly connecting store team members to customers online via its website, and live streaming its previously in-person ‘Beauty Lab’.

“As the lines blur between physical and digital shopping spaces, retailers need to have digital platforms in place that provide staff with a complete and current view of the customer, including their needs and wants, helping them to create personalised and relevant experiences,” said Gaines.  

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