Convenience stores in the USA are on the rise

The number of convenience stores operating in the USA has risen 1.5 per cent from the previous year, reversing a four-year decline.

Data from the 2023 Nacs/NielsenIQ Convenience Industry Store Count reveals that there are 150,174 convenience stores currently operating in the USA, and with a population of 334.2 million that means there is one convenience store per every 2,225 people.

The turnaround was fuelled by a 1087-count increase in single-store operators, which now stand at 90,423 stores, making up 60.2 per cent of all convenience stores.

Chris Rapanick, Managing Director of the National Association of Convenience Stores (NACS), said the value of convenience continues to grow and that’s a driving factor as to every retailer sees to provide it.

“And it’s also clear that the convenience offer at convenience stores resonates with consumers, given the record in-store sales at convenience stores and increase in store count.”

Across the USA, 79 per cent of convenience stores sell fuel, accounting for approximately 80 per cent of the motor fuel purchased in the country.

Not included in the convenience store count are ‘gas station/kiosk’ stores, of which there are 13,346, that sell fuel but do not offer enough of an in-store product assortment to be considered convenience stores.

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