Crankt Protein announced as naming rights partner for Team Honda

Crankt Protein has signed a multi-year agreement that will see both Honda Racing’s road and off road teams competing under the Crankt Protein Honda Racing banner.

Crankt Protein CEO Brendan Radford said the alliance sends a powerful message to riders and fans about the importance of health and nutrition.

“Our partnership with Honda is a vital part of the next stage of the brand’s growth and vision to carve out a niche for sustenance excellence amongst elite athletes and sports and health enthusiasts throughout the world,” Radford said.

Crankt Protein shakes and bars are 100 per cent Australian made and owned, plus they are high in protein, low in fat and sugar. Now, fuelled by Crankt Protein shakes and bars, the Crankt Protein Honda Racing is ready to take on the title challenges in 2016.

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