Crankt Protein delivers 5 star sports nutrition

Having achieved a Health Star Rating (HSR) of 5, the new Crankt Protein Shot 15g 225ml was recently released in Woolworths supermarkets nationally. Crankt’s number one selling product, Crank Protein Shake 20g 375ml, continues to gain momentum through both grocery and P&C channels.

The Crankt Protein Shot was made to achieve a 5 Star Health Rating, it contains 40% less sugar compared to flavoured milks and meal replacement products and has been naturally sweetened using Stevia.

Consumers are becoming increasingly focussed on making healthy food choices and this has been made even easier since the introduction of the HSR star rating food labelling initiative, which makes it much easier for shoppers to make informed choices about healthier food. The clear display of HSR on packaged foods – such as the 5 Star rating on Crankt Protein Shots – allows consumers to make healthy food choices quickly without needing to waste time reading detailed labels.

The HSR system takes into account the four aspects of food – energy; saturated fat; total sugars; and sodium content. Products that are low in saturated fat, sugars, sodium and/or energy will generally have a higher star rating – the healthier the food, the higher the stars.

Crankt Protein Shake is 100% Australian Made and owned by DNA Brands Pty Ltd. Crankt products have experienced strong demand and are rapidly gaining consumer recognition as a convenient on-the-go sports nutrition option according to DNA Brands director. Coles Express and Coles supermarkets have both experienced double digit growth, while in 2014 Caltex experienced over 50% growth and have just ranged the new Crankt Protein Bar 55 gram Caltex nationally. Crankt Protein Bar was launched in November 2014 and has also achieved success by partnering with Elite Distributors focusing on the specialty health stores and gyms. In recent months, Crankt Protein Shake has been made available through PepsiCo’s national network of beverage vending machines.

Continued growth of the Crankt range is anticipated and, in the coming months, Crankt Protein Bars will also be ranged through a number of additional P&C accounts. Independent grocery stores and P&C retailers can purchase Crankt products through Metcash, C-Store nationally, The Distributor Group Perth, Brisbane, JB Metro, Accredited Distributors, Kelly Distributors, Steel City Beverages and Bullseye Trading.

Growth of the Crankt range is continuing with more new SKUs set to launch this month.

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