Dairy beverages gathering momentum

Although in a limited number of stores, Frozen Oak has blown up on social media. Source: News.com

The coffee offer at 7-Eleven is about to get more interesting this summer, with two new products aimed at iced beverage lovers, although this wont be without some competition from Oak’s new frozen chocolate milk offer.

Already in store nationally are the Iced Coffee and Coffee Melt products, priced at $2. Traditional Iced Coffee made fresh and served over ice is offered alongside the 7-Eleven Coffee Melt, an Affogato-style dessert of hot black coffee poured over Peter’s Vanilla Ice-cream.

7-Eleven General Manager Corporate Affairs, Clayton Ford said the new products would offer better choice for customers shopping for good value coffee.

“Our customers are coffee clever and see the how much they can save each year by choosing 7-Eleven coffee,” he said.

“While hot coffee is a huge part of our business, we wanted to give our customers more choice about how they make their coffee.

“They can now enjoy a cold iced coffee made with either full cream or low fat milk, or an affogato style coffee which is a scoop of Peters Creamy Vanilla with freshly ground hot coffee poured over it.

Marketing campaign for 7-Eleven’s new cold coffee beverage offer.

Mr Ford said the quality and consistency of 7-Eleven’s coffee was really important to the business.

“We have put a lot of work into research and testing, making sure that our coffee machines are perfectly set up to make a really delicious 7-Eleven Iced Coffee or 7-Eleven Coffee Melt.

“We’ve even added a new Iced Coffee sugar syrup to our range of condiments for customers to sweeten their drink however they like.”

Last week flavoured milk manufacturer Oak released a frozen chocolate milk product, dubbed ‘Frozen Oak’ to the market.

The ‘Slurpie’-style, Frozen Dairy Beverage gained an instant following, with customers begging social media for a strawberry variety.

Exclusively stocked by Caltex, the Frozen Oak is available at limited outlets. 7-Eleven’s new offer is available at all 7-Elevens nationwide.


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