Dairy Farmers new gut friendly milk

When it comes to better-for-you products, nothing is more on trend than those containing pre-and-probiotics.

Once relegated to health food stores and widely unknown in mainstream circles, the trend has been rising in recent years in line with more consumer awareness around gut bacteria and the role it plays in promoting good health.

The perceived health benefits of the microorganisms has already seen a large increase in the consumption of kombucha and fermented foods, which are both now readily available on supermarket shelves.

And in the ultimate nod to how we’ve incorporated pre/probiotics into our daily diets, Dairy Farmers has just released an A2 Prebiotic Milk, joining their 2L Full Cream and Lite A2 varieties.

It follows the brand’s release of a reduced sugar chocolate flavoured A2 Milk last month. Lion Dairy & Drinks Marketing and Innovation Director Darryn Wallace said the brand was looking to provide consumers more better-for-you product options.

“From the goodness of pasture raised, free roaming cows, we’re proud to be providing consumers with more choice within the A2 protein milk segment,” Mr Wallace said.

“The range is the latest addition to our iconic brand’s portfolio, and by introducing the first ever prebiotic and flavoured players in Australia to the A2 protein milk segment, we’re continuing to innovate in the category.”

The new A2 Milk is available in Coles supermarkets across Victoria, New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory, as well as selected independent retailers.

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