Dare Iced Coffee launches new dairy-free range

Dare Iced Coffee has introduced two new dairy-free flavours to its range to cater to a growing demand for plant-based products.

The new flavours, Double Espresso and Mocha, are two of Dare’s favourite original coffee brews and are crafted with a blend of Rainforest Alliance certified Robust and Arabica coffee with oat milk.

The popularity of oat milk has soared over the past few years, with it becoming the fastest growing plant-based milk* as shoppers increasingly look to reduce their dairy intake but still enjoy their milk beverages**.

Adelle Cosgrove, Marketing Manager – Iced Coffee at Bega Group, said Dare Dairy Free is a great-tasting coffee option for those seeking a dairy free fix without sacrificing the enjoyment of a classic Dare Iced Coffee experience.

“Packed with the iconic real coffee taste that Dare drinkers have come to know and love, Dare Dairy Free still offers a convenient coffee kick, without the cafe queue.

“This launch is not a farewell to dairy, but rather a hello to great options in Dare’s legendary line-up. We welcome all Aussies who are seeking a dairy-free iced coffee to pick up Dare Dairy Free next time they’re on the go.”

Dare Dairy Free is available from 15 April in convenience stores and independents, 29 April in Coles, and 22 June in Woolworths.

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**Nature, Category Profile: Flavoured Plant Milk, 2023

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