Darwin petrol station keen to re-open

The independently owned petrol station ‘Platinum’. Source: NT News, picture: Katrina Bridgeford.

The owner of a petrol station that was previously known as ‘the cheapest petrol station in Darwin’ said he wanted to re-open the station.

Mark Garner owned the independent petrol station ‘Platinum’, said he would be “very keen” to get the store open again and sell fuel.

“I am more than keen to reopen, however, Blue Taxis has acted independently to shut the power off,” he said.

Mr Garner said he had spent a lot of money and time negotiating with the landowner Terry Pacos of Blue Taxis but was unsure as to why the site had been shut down.

“It was a profitable business and I don’t know why he’s done what he has done,” he said.

“If we were to reopen, we’d be able to sell fuel for about 10c/L less than everywhere else, which would surely help his taxi company.”

Mr Garner said it was his goal to get the business back up and running.

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