Dawn of the Virtual Reality age

Virtual Reality (VR) technology is making a serious play for business marketing, and is set to change the way we interact with the world!

Product visualisation is a new and exciting way of introducing everyone to Eastrade International’s Esonic product range, helping the customer to find out what Esonic is all about.

The device converts any smartphone into a virtual reality headset, and allows the user to experience a range of products no matter where they are, whether in-store, at home, or anywhere else on-the-go.

The Eastrade International team says it gives a really good idea of what the Esonic POS stand will look like, and it’s a clearer way of communicating with customers.

All you have to do is setup the VR cardboard, download an app from App store for iPhone users/ Play Store for Android users and that’s it – Simple and FUN!!!

Get yours FREE at the 2017 C&I Expo.

Also, check it out here…


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