Deliciously healthy snacking alternative from FAL

CoCo Joy’s Coconut Chips are the all natural, oven roasted snack about to start a healthy-tasty revolution. Irresistible and incredibly versatile, they can be eaten as they are, or added as a delicious twist to yogurt, fruit cocktails and ice cream. Available in four delectable flavours – Roasted Sweet, Chilli, Honey, and Roasted – it won’t be long before these crispy Coconut Chips take over as everyone’s favourite healthy alternative.

Make the most of coconut’s nutrient dense goodness by snacking on CoCo Joy’s coconut chips. They’re gluten free, high in fibre and protein, and 100 per cent natural.


To order contact the FAL sales team by phone on 1300 FAL BEV (325238) or email at

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