Detpak’s RecycleMe™ System

Detpak’s award-winning RecycleMe™ System provides an environmental solution for takeaway coffee cups and lids, and is now endorsed by leading environmental foundation Planet Ark.
Planet Ark has been leading environmental change in Australia for over 25 years, promoting positive behaviour change in people, businesses and governments.
Planet Ark Deputy CEO Rebecca Gilling said endorsing the cup recycling system was about supporting a credible solution for takeaway coffee cups and lids.
“We know what a problem takeaway coffee cups currently are for our environment,” Rebecca said. “Their plastic lining, which is not easily separated from the paper, means over a billion of these cups1 are being sent to landfill in Australia every year.
“RecycleMe™ cups have an innovative new lining that is able to be separated from the paper in existing recycling facilities. This means that these recycled fibres can live again as new paper products. Recycling is a great way to extend the useful life of valuable resources.
“The RecycleMe™ System can be easily incorporated into cafes and corporate environments, giving consumers the opportunity to successfully recycle their RecycleMe™ takeaway coffee cups. The system comprises of a specially designed collection station which allow consumers to empty any residual coffee and recycle the cup and lid into separate chambers.
“We undertook recent research that suggested that 80% of employees2 wanted to see more recycling in their workplace. We’re proud to endorse the RecycleMe™ System and excited to see how the future rollout of the system will positively impact our environment,” Rebecca said.
Detpak’s Marketing and Innovation Manager Tom Lunn said the RecycleMe™ System promotes a longer life for the paper cup fibre and supports a circular economy to keep products, components and materials at their highest utility and value for as long as possible.
“Our RecycleMe™ System powered by Shred-X is a total end to end solution, turning takeaway cups into recycled paper products, and contributing to positive global environmental change,” Tom said.
“We’re pleased also to have a solution for the lids, with these being recycled into plastic products such as photo frames,” Tom said. RecycleMe™ Cup today. Paper tomorrow.

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