Cadbury® fans! Your favourite chocolate is now available in a range of 460mL frozen dessert tubs, with a delicious surprise core in every scoop! It’s the ultimate indulgent treat.

Get ready for a Cadbury® experience like no other; each frozen dessert tub is swirled with Cadbury® chocolate pieces and generously filled with a rich, smooth core. The range caters to all snack lovers’ tastebuds, transforming mouth-watering fan favourites into three delicious flavours:

  • Cadbury® Dairy Milk® Vanilla 460mL: For those that love the classic taste of Cadbury® creamy milk chocolate – Cadbury® Dairy Milk® milk chocolate pieces mixed through vanilla and filled with a generous, smooth Cadbury® Dairy Milk® core.
  • Cadbury® Dairy Milk® Caramello® 460mL: For caramel lovers who can’t get enough of the sweet, gooey sauce – Cadbury® Dairy Milk® milk chocolate pieces swirled through a caramel base and filled with a velvety Caramello® core.
  • Cadbury® Caramilk® 460mL: Calling all loyal Caramilk® fans, there’s nothing Caramilk®-related these snack lovers won’t try – Cadbury® Caramilk® chocolate pieces combined with a creamy base and filled with a rich, golden Caramilk® core.

Whether you’re a creamy chocolate or gooey caramel lover, the Cadbury® 460mL tubs bring a unique and premium range to the ice cream freezer that offers something for everyone.

A perfect accompaniment for the next movie night, sweet treat throughout the day or cheeky midnight snack, the range will satisfy any moment of me-time. 

CADBURY, DAIRY MILK, THE GLASS AND A HALF DEVICE, CARAMELLO, CARAMILK and THE COLOUR PURPLE are trademarks of Mondelēz International group used under license.

For more information, please visit https://www.peters.com.au/brands/cadbury/ or contact our Consumer Care team on 1800 633 200.

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