Digital retail predictions for 2020

Sophisticated AR, self-service, integrated technology in social media and sustainability are the retail trends to watch, according to omnichannel and supply chain tech company Manhattan Associates.

Releasing their top four predictions for the future of retail, the company’s managing director for Australia and New Zealand Raghav Sibal said these will begin to have an impact on the region’s markets as early as this year.

One prediction is a more sophisticated augmented reality for shoppers, offering a better customer experience and reducing the number of returns from online purchases.

Another is a better social media approach, where users will be able to follow links embedded in posts to purchase featured products.

Digital technology is also predicted to take a bigger role in customer support – think being able to chat to a virtual assistant through a retailer’s website, or engaging with brands on social media,even platforms such as Siri and Google are expected to take a bigger role in facilitating customer requests.

Consumers increasing demand for transparency on company commitments to sustainability are only set to rise, too, according to MA.

How that’s predicted to play out is companies better communicating their commitments to green options, and becoming more reliant on technology to deliver processes in more efficient/sustainable ways.

Mr Sibal said retailers need to adapt quickly to the evolving market.

“With rising consumer expectations and expanding fulfillment options, the Australian and New Zealand retail markets are undergoing rapid change and becoming increasingly complex,” he said.

“As a result, retailers are finding that they quickly need to adopt new technology solutions that help meet the consumer demand for a seamless and more personalised shopping experience today and into the future.”


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