Dilmah has a new look

Dilmah has launched a new look for its signature range, 100% pure Ceylon Black and Green Tea.

CEO of Dilmah and founder’s son, Dilhan Fernando said, “Tea is a wonderful, natural herb with a unique combination of aroma, taste and natural antioxidant goodness. My family’s commitment is to offer the finest tea as a part of an engaging and tea inspired hospitality experience.”

“Dilmah is renowned for its handcrafted, artisanal approach to tea making with its commitment to unblended Ceylon tea made from hand-picked buds and leaves.”

The brand recently achieved carbon neutrality, with a series of sustainability initiatives that complement Merrill’s founding philosophy of making his business a matter of human service.

A minimum 10% of the pretax profits of Dilmah and its associate companies is used by Merrill’s MJF Charitable Foundation to empower marginalised children, youth, women and men, with dignity.

Dilmah’s new look Ceylon Teas offers a shelf life of three years.

An authentic Ceylon tea that is ethically made from handpicked tea leaves in the traditional, artisanal manner. Garden Fresh, Unblended and Single Origin.

Dilmah Tea is available at Woolworths, Coles and Metcash stores.

View Dilmah here! https://www.dilmah.com.au/

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