BP Australia releases new range of Ultimate fuel

BP Australia has launched its most advanced range of Ultimate fuels to date, designed to bust dirt in just two tanks*.

New Ultimate 98 Unleaded and Ultimate Diesel have been designed to remove deposits left by ordinary fuels (‘dirt’), enable more kilometres per tank, a smoother drive and maintain and maximise engine performance.

The new Ultimate fuels range is a result of five years of development and more than 50,000 hours testing engines and vehicles covering the equivalent of more than 1.6 million kilometres.

Ordinary fuels have been shown to result in the formation of harmful engine deposits that can clog up critical engine components, reducing fuel economy and engine performance.

BP Ultimate has been specially designed to fight the negative impact of deposits on key engine components. The formulations of the new BP Ultimate fuels contain special molecules that attach themselves to dirt, releasing it from key engine components. The fuel is then burned in the combustion chamber.

BP Ultimate fuels are also specifically formulated to protect engines for the long term by preventing the formation of further harmful deposits.

Andy Holmes, president of BP Australasia, said: “Dirt is the perennial enemy of a car’s engine. Even as much as a speck of dirt can impact engine performance, and the build-up of dirt caused by ordinary fuels over time can lead to engine damage. New BP Ultimate is the result of five years of research and rigorous testing. We are delighted to bring our best ever dirt busting fuels to our Australian customers.”

The all-new Ultimate range is suitable in a wide range of petrol and diesel engines, including both modern engine technologies as well as older vehicles. For more information on the new BP Ultimate range, visit www.bp.com.au.

Launch celebrations surprise Sydneysiders

Australian cricketer Michael Clarke surprised and delighted unsuspecting Uber riders in Sydney on Thursday, 24 March, working as a driver-partner to celebrate the launch of the new dirt busting BP Ultimate fuels.

The former Australian test captain took to the wheel of his car between 8am – 11am to share rides with unsuspecting Sydneysiders on their morning commute around the city. The stunt was organised between BP Australia and Uber to celebrate the launch of BP’s new range of Ultimate fuels.


BP and Uber Stunt_Michael Clarke _003
Australian cricket legend Michael Clarke surprised Uber riders in Sydney on Thursday, 24 March, working as a driver-partner to celebrate the launch of the new dirt busting BP Ultimate fuels.

*Based on a vehicle range of at least 650km per tank for petrol and at least 850km per tank for diesel.

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  1. I tried BPs two tanks of 98 crap not long ago on a trip to north QLD, towing a van of about 1000kg I tried the 2 tank challenge after doing about 1100km, the car is a 2006 ford wagon my fuel econ went from 13.2 to 17.5 litres per 100km the only one that benefitted from that that trial was BPs bank ,In my experience BPs higher octain fuels have been and still are crap

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