Doritos challenges Aussies to guess its new mystery flavour

Doritos is undergoing a unique testing process of its new chip flavour ‘Test Flavour 855’, which will give one lucky Australian the chance to win $10,000.

The popular chip brand is putting its new limited-edition mystery flavour under the microscope and inviting chip lovers to correctly guess the flavour, with all correct guesses going into the draw to win $10,000.

Doritos R&D Director, Anna Lowndes said: “Doritos is known for its adventurous flavours. Test Flavour 855 delivers an unexpected taste sensation that is bold and will be sure to keep you guessing.

“The unique testing process means that only a few people from Doritos know about the secret recipe including the food scientists and one culinary expert. We’re so excited to finally unveil it to Australians and can’t wait for the guessing games to begin.”

The Doritos Test Flavour 855 is available at all good retailers. Consumers can buy a pack, guess the flavour and enter the competition at or via the QR code on the back of the pack.

82 thoughts on “Doritos challenges Aussies to guess its new mystery flavour”

  1. There is 100% a tinge of coriander & a mild spice. It tastes like the Mexican dip you get at some places.
    Coriander/onion/tomatoes/some form of spice

  2. Every one that said popcorn or street taco
    You should all actually try eating them before you put it down

    Some sort of chicken is the flavour

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