Drakes Supermarkets enters partnership with WorkJam

Drakes Supermarkets has partnered with WorkJam to assist the organisation in driving frontline worker engagement across its 5000 employees.

WorkJam will primarily be used by Drakes’ staff for managing their work schedules, managing their careers, and developing their skillsets, but will also be used to open up staff communication.

John Paul Drake, Director of Drakes Supermarkets, said WorkJam offers Drakes a unique and innovative way to engage its in-store employees.

“This partnership will improve two-way communication across all levels of the business, opening up opportunities for employee upskilling and training.”

WorkJam uses a modern, social-media style interface that provides a one-stop shop for employees to find all the resources and tools relevant to them.

Currently assisting nearly 500,000 Australians with scheduling, training, task management workflows, and real-time communications, Work Jam leads to higher employee engagement and retention.

Earlier in the year, WorkJam announced a partnership with the National Retailers Association (NRA), with both organisation working together to deliver key industry events, networking opportunities, thought leadership, and awards ceremonies to acknowledge excellence.

Andrew Myers, Managing Director APAC of WorkJam, said his team was proud of the partnership with the NRA.

“We look forward to delivering meaningful and impactful content and events that progress the retail industry along with the frontline digital workplace sector and improve the lives of Australia’s frontline workers.

“Frontline employees are the lifeblood of our nation. Without them, our economy would crumble. Their wellbeing is and should always remain our number one priority.”

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