Drumstick launches new Australian Milk Bar flavours


Drumstick takes us back to the Aussie Milk Bar

Drumstick is taking consumers back to the legendary Aussie Milk Bar with the launch of two new and exciting limited edition flavours.

Packed full of more inclusions than ever before, the new Choc Malted Mega Milkshake flavour taps into the freak-shake craze and is made from choc malt flavoured ice cream with crisp malt pieces, topped with whipped cream flavoured ice cream, salted caramel syrup and chocolate flakes.

Next we have an old classic with a new twist – Drumstick Jammy Custard Donut which embodies two of Australia’s most loved donut flavours. It’s made up of donut flavoured ice cream with donut pieces, a gooey custard glob and topped with raspberry jam syrup. These two lines will be supported with a major outdoor led campaign, which integrates social media and radio.

Both limited edition Drumsticks will be generating a lot of excitement this summer, particularly amongst younger consumers.



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