Energy kick without the sugar crash, meet K!CK by Remedy

Remedy introduces an all-natural, sugar-free, low-calorie energy drink that delivers a mental boost without artificial additives or added sugar.

An alternative to traditional energy drinks that are jam-packed with chemicals and sugar, the K!CK range offers fruit-flavoured energy utilising green coffee beans and ginseng for a natural high.

Specifically designed to avoid the post-sugar rush slump, green coffee offers a gentler, more long-lasting energy hit as it’s less caffeinated than roasted coffee, with a higher acidity level that enhances cognitive function.

“Remedy K!CK is designed to appeal to those who are looking for a mental boost but would prefer to avoid drinks full of sugar and artificial ingredients,” says Santino Luciano, General Manager of Sales & Marketing at Remedy. “We are super excited for this launch and its potential to expand.”

Whether seeking an early morning energy hit or a mid-afternoon pick-me-up, all three flavours are based on Remedy’s original kombucha recipe, meaning they’re also full of live cultures, antioxidants and organic acids.

Sweetened with a low-calorie, 100 per cent natural blend of stevia leaf extract and erythritol, a can of K!CK delivers roughly the same caffeine hit as a regular coffee.

K!CK energy drinks can safely be consumed in addition to your daily coffee or as a fruity replacement. Available in Blackberry, Mango Pineapple and Lemon Lime, the range is currently available at 7-Eleven stores nationally. 

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