FAL appoints interim CEO

FAL Food and Beverages has appointed its national sales manager as interim CEO following the resignation of Tim Xenos.

FAL Food and Beverages is part of the FAL Group, an international conglomerate of 75 companies, spanning 17 countries in the Middle East, Australia, the Americas, and Europe.

Xenos started the FAL Food and Beverages in Australia in 2013. FAL Food and Beverages is the owner of coconut water brand Coco Joy as well as Juiced Up, Aqua Ball, Fruitzee, Iso Boost and Hi-Pro Boost brands. Since launching Coco Joy has expanded its offering to include coconut milk, chips, oils, ice cream and cosmetics including a body scrub, shampoo and conditioner.

Coco Joy opened its first bricks and mortar store last year in Sydney at Westfield Bondi, followed by a second store in Westfield Parramatta. Xenos told C&I in the latest issue of C&I Retailing Magazine the company was planning to open up as many as 10 Coco Joy stores in Australia and internationally.

“I thought after three years it was time for me to resign and look for another venture, and let [FAL Group] take the business in the direction that they want to take it,” Xenos told C&I Week.

“I’d like to see the Coco Joy brand continue. It’s a great brand and we have done some great things. It will be good to see it get stronger and stronger and I hope that the parent company continues to do that.”

Xenos’ resignation is effective from February 22.

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