Famous Soda Co launches a ‘better for you’ Cola

Famous Soda Co has added to its lineup of carbonated beverages with the release of Famous Cola, a better for you cola alternative.

The Famous Soda Co team spent 12 months creating, testing and tasting hundreds of recipes to achieve a refreshing tasting cola with fewer nasties.

Michael Pillon, CEO, Famous Soda Co says: “We heard our customers and we answered. Sometimes you just need, even crave that refreshing taste of cola so we set out to make a better for you version that’s a healthier, natural, zero sugar alternative. Heaps of hours and a lot of love went into getting this just right.”

The flavour profile is bursting with tiny bubbles of vanilla and cinnamon that delivers the natural sweetness that’s expected from a great cola. Then there’s an extra zing with overtones of citrus oil, ginger, and cassia. Together they create an unforgettable flavour celebration.”

Famous Cola is an addition to the existing portfolio of Pink Lemonade, Passionfruit, Blood Orange, Lemon and Ginger Beer.

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