Fonterra ramps up dairy in China

A change in taste in China has lead to greater demand in dairy. Source: Food Safety News

Fonterra has ramped up its campaign in China as demand for dairy products continue to grow.

Recently, Fonterra has increased the availability of its Anchor Dairy Foods’ product range from 1,400 to 1,700 stores, as well as raising the awareness of its products on e-commerce platforms.

Fonterra launched a mobile app campaign asking users to post their favourite breakfast recipes that incorporate dairy ingredients.

More than 8,000 recipes were listed, with around 70 per cent being Western-style dishes like paninis and omelettes. 30 per cent of recipes were Chinese-inspired, such as sweet potato cream soup and toast rolls with peanuts.

Fonterra said the change in palate was accredited to the growing middle class income in China which has fueled the need for items like butter, cream and cheese.

Fonterra vice president of brands for Greater China, Chester Cao said the focus is encouraging consumers to view dairy products as a vital part of their diet.

The campaign also included digital advertising and activation with China-based food delivery app Eleme, which generated 89 million impressions among users.

Fonterra president for Greater China, Christina Zhu said the interest reaffirms the growing appetite in China for dairy and reflected the change in urbanisation.

According to data from China Customs, imports in the first 11 months of 2016 saw cream increase by 57 per cent, cheese rose to 31 per cent and butter climbed to 21 per cent, compared with the previous year.

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