Foodland tops customer satisfaction stakes

Keeping customers satisfied can be difficult for even the savviest of supermarkets, but South Australian chain Foodland is currently showing the competition how it’s done. Starting the year on a high, Foodland has taken out first place in the monthly Roy Morgan Customer Satisfaction Awards for January and February.

In February, the Foodland achieved a 94% satisfaction rating, ahead of nearest rival (and winner of Supermarket of the Year for 2014) ALDI, at 92%. Coles came in third, satisfying just over 88% of its customers; followed by IGA and Woolworths/Safeway.

According to Michele Levine, CEO, Roy Morgan Research, ‘Foodland is clearly ticking a lot of boxes to achieve such an outstanding customer satisfaction rating’.

Ms Levine noted that, ‘Foodland is also setting an interesting example in light of the current debate about country-of-origin labelling for food: not only is 50% of their home-brand range produced in South Australia, but the remainder is Australian-made. With almost nine out of every 10 Aussies saying they’d be more likely to buy food labelled ‘Made in Australia’, this is a savvy move on Foodland’s part’.

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