The much loved iconic Four’N Twenty introduces its latest innovation, the Four’N Twenty Traveller Hi-Protein, providing consumers with 20 grams of protein per serve!

The rise in health consciousness has grown as more consumers seek healthier lifestyles, incorporating more nutritious foods into their diets. Three out of four consumers look for options that are both healthy and taste great, but only a third are willing to sacrifice taste for a healthier option; this resultantly generates increasing consumer interest in irresistible snacks that offer the sought-after nutritional content, such as protein. The new Four’N Twenty Traveller Hi Protein delivers more protein, offering 25% more than the Four’N Twenty Traveller Classic Meat Pie! The Four’N Twenty Traveller range continues to satisfy consumers with more options, in the delicious, easy-to-eat hot snacking format for fans to enjoy anytime, anywhere.

Four’N Twenty Traveller, the original and still the best!

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161-169 Princes Highway Bairnsdale Victoria 3875

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Instagram: @fourntwenty

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